Admire the 6 Greatest Football Legends in the World


If you are a big fan of football, especially the championships of European countries or major international tournaments such as EURO, World Cup, Champion League, you will clearly understand about famous players all over the world. 

A lot of names like Pele, Ferenc Puskas, Maradona, Ronaldo are all too familiar with football. They are legendary strikers, great players, and world football legends. In this article, let’s find out the top 6 greatest football legends of all the time!

Here Are 6 Greatest Football Legend in History

1. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima

In the list of world football legend, we have to mention the name Ronaldo Nazario de Lima. 

He is a Brazilian superstar. At the age of 12, he started playing football. With natural talent, Ronaldo has conquered Europe and the Brazilian national team to the top of glory many times.

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima has twice won the Ballon d’Or title. He is the second striker to score many goals in the history of the Brazilian national team. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima is also the youngest player in history to receive the European Golden Ball title at the age of 21.

In his playing career, Ronaldo Nazario de Lima won all but the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League. With many fans, he is one of the legends that inspired football for millions of people.

2. Pele

Pele, a Brazilian player, was dubbed the “King of Football”. He played football at the age of 15, won the World Cup with the Brazilian national team at the age of 17. 

Throughout his career, he has achieved many admirable achievements. Pele won three World Cup champions and the top scorer in the national team history of Brazil.

Besides, Pele also owns titles in the Copa Libertadores, Intercontinental Cup, and many other individual awards. According to IFFHS, he has scored the most goals in history with 1,281 goals. He has a top-notch form, so he is truly a world football legend.

3. Ferenc Puskas

He is one of the Hungarian football legends. He is considered to be one of the greatest geniuses in world football history. He is famous for his “fast and sharp” left-footed shots.

In his career, he has received the title of top scorer of Hungary National Championships, the top scorer in Europe 4 times, won the Pichichi award, and seven times scored in C1 Cup finals.

After retiring the glorious player, Puskas has achieved many successes in the coaching career. The most typical was in 1971 when he led Panathinaikos (of Greece), which is the less famous club, to the final of the C1 Cup. Unfortunately, the last opponent, Ajax, was too strong for Johan Cruyff’s generation.

4. Alfredo Di Stefano

During the golden period of the 20s of the last century, Di Stefano was considered the soul of Real. He is a former Argentinian striker. With the development history of the king sport, he is the most influential person.

If Pele, Garrincha, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Johan Cruyff are the World Cup elevators, then Di Stefano is the founder of the Champions League. The history of this tournament honors Real Madrid and has one of the most solemn places for Di Stefano.

Di Stefano is genuinely an outstanding striker with endurance, super technique, tactical vision, and a strong will to play. He also can play in many other positions on the field. 

Most famous for his role as a center forward, but he is also an excellent defensive player and can play well as a midfielder or winger.

In his career, he has won C1 cups 5 times, Spanish Cup 1 time, eight championships of Spain, two championships of Argentina, and 1 cup of intercontinental. 

Besides, he won 2 European Golden Balls and got the top scorer five times. Stefano is a player who has set a record 49 goals in 59 matches in the Champions League.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane’s full name is Zinédine Yazid Zidane. He is a former football player and a famous French football coach. Winning most titles wherever he goes, Zidane can turn any team into a champion and never rely on a specific squad or system to elevate himself.

Zidane is considered one of the legendary players of football. He was the first one named on the list of a world football legend. The former French player won the 1998 World Cup with France, won the Ballon d’Or 1998 and 2000 Euro. 

In 1998, he also received the title of best player FIFA. In the position of coach, Zidane has become a Guinness with many achievements.

After retiring as a player, Zinedine Zidane returned to the Real Madrid club as a coach for this team. In 2013, he was the assistant coach of Real Madrid, helping the team advance to the 10th Champions League title in history.

6. Franz Beckenbauer

He is considered the “Emperor” in German football and the whole world football. When Beckenbauer was on the pitch, he played like a myth. 

Beckenbauer won the Bundesliga 3 times with Bayern, winning 3 C1 cups. Along with that, he also won the championship of 1972 Euro and 1974 World Cup.

Appointed as West Germany’s coach in 1984, Franz Beckenbauer led the team to the final against Argentina in 1986. This is where Maradona created the art masterpiece called “The Hand of God” caused a lot of damage to the paper for a long time, resulting in West Germany stopping after losing to Argentina by a score of 2-3.

In 1998, he was elected Vice President of the German Football Association and made a significant contribution to helping his homeland become the host of the 2006 World Cup. 

In 2013, the World Football magazine named Franz Beckenbauer in the list of “The greatest players of all time”.

In a Nutshell,

Above are the top 6 world-famous football legacies that we have collected. These are the most prospective players in the world. They are full of talent, power, technique, and dedicated in the sport of the attractive, top-notch, and voyeuristic matches. 

Hopefully, with their talents, these football stars will inspire the next football generations all over the world.

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