Afghanistan in Ghazni province the Taliban attacked an Afghan prison and freed more than 350 prisoners.


KABUL: In Afghanistan Taliban attacked on Ghazni Jail and released more than 350 prisoners.

Ghazni provincial Deputy Governor Muhammad Ali Ahmad, according to a foreign news agency Afghan Taliban who were wearing army uniforms first did suicide car explosion in contract with the main gate of jail.

After which some attackers with automatic modern weapons and rockets entered into the jail. In the jail attack 4 police officials were killed and huge injured while 7 attackers were also killed.

It was said by Muhammad Ali Ahmed that the prison was very systematically organized manner. The mines were laid on the moving paths of jail because Prison officials in order to help the police to enable them to have more troops.

After the attack to prison by a military vehicle destroyed by a roadside bomb. It was said by the Deputy Governor that during the attack more than 402 prisoners were freed in which 80 have been caught once again while 352 have been successful in freed.

In the freed people 150 were belonging to Taliban. Another side Afghan Taliban Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid accepted the responsibility of attack and said that 3 suicide bombers and fighters were attacked in which all three suicide attackers were lost their lives. In this attack 40 officials were killed of Afghan Security and several key Taliban commanders have been released.