After being the mother it was realized that what is the love of mother.


LAHORE: Model town, it was narrated by the gorgeous actress that later been the mother of a child, I realized that what’s the love of mother.

She further stated that after the marriage we must be aware that we must not at all do those acts which is been proved worst for the marriage life and I am surely prepare according to adequate and always try to be loyal with my family.

She expressed her views when she was talking to a member of an express news, Mathira voiced that I was supported by my parents a lot in every good and worst situation.
A question out of sight the member was raised to Mathira, that will you be continue your fashion shot which were you been in the past.

The answer as narrated by the gorgeous beauty that those shots which were taken in the past I will hardly refused to do it again, because I never want to do such kind of activities which will be harmful for my new relationship.