After teasing from huge medical fees, 3 students have finished their lives.


CHENNAI: In India three Medical College students committed suicide due to huge fees and substandard education. The girls were protesting hard against substandard education and huge fees.

According to Indian Media, the three second year student of a Private Medical College of Tamil Nadu State, protested against inappropriate behavior of management and heavy fees. Resultantly, at last they jumped into the well and committed suicide. Police also received a letter from students in which students declared that the management of college and owner are responsible for the lost of our precious lives.

According to the letter, the students belonged to a middle class and poor families. Earlier to it, they had also deposited 6 Lac rupees as fees. In spite of the fact, management of the college was asking to the students to deposit more Fees. As a result of which all the three students committed suicide.

Students declared College Management responsible for the lost of their lives. People have demandedfrom related authorities to take serious action against the management. According to students of college, in spite of receiving more and extra fees, management doesn’t give any receipt of the Fees received.

Moreover, the standard of education is extremely worst and classes are not been held regularly and the students do not have any kind of necessary facility, due to which College license hasalready been cancelled.

This unfortunate incident occurred at a time when students of all over the India were protesting against the suicide of a Dalit Student of Hyderabad Central University. Student of Ph.d Rohit committed suicide last Sunday at University premises. He committed suicide because of behavior of the management and termination from hostel.