After the lots of efforts changes in Pak-India relations are not possible.


WASHINGTON: It was said by America that hereinafter the lots of efforts and strives changes in Pak-India relations are impossible. Changes in relations between both atomic power countries is only possible by continuous tries and officially meetings.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a media briefing in response to this question that the heads of the two countries met in Russia sees US in what context. Said that such like meeting which was not been yet. Publically to say anything in this regard will be a stupid act.

However it was said by him that last week Foreign Minister emphasizes improving relations between the two countries and noted the publically. The relations between Pakistan and India are very much important for America.

He further said that South Asia is the major region which is being faced a lot of challenges in case both countries keep good relations with one another then they will able to face enormous challenges collectively.

They both do efforts and work on all these challenges together. US between the two countries will continue to see rare strain.