Against Salman Khan 250 million damages claimed.Against Salman Khan 250 million damages claimed.


Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s film “Veer”’ producer Vijay Gilani 250 million damages suit against the actor. Vijay Gilani stances that Salman Khan in court because they were forced to face muscles due to which his business had damages.

The conflict between the two terms of the film had started to veer. It was stance of Vijay Gilani that Salman Khan requested him to produce this film that was accepted by him an gave 10 crore to Salman Khan for working in movie while at that time Salman was taken 7 to 8 crore for filming.

It was agreed between both of them that in case film is hit so first 15 crore would be given to Salman Khan regarding it an agreement was held between both of them. Unfortunately film was flopped after which Salman Khan sent him a notice. Cinema and TV actors Vijay case where the association took the decision in his favour.

It was said by Vijay that court gave decision in his favour however he is being harassed by Salman Khan. Unfounded cases and confusing them time and money is being wasted which is why he decided to press charges against Salman Khan.