All the basic know-hows of guest blogging



Everything has gone digital in your age. It has made everything very easily accessible for us but it has also increased the competition that we face every day, by leaps and bounds. The trick is to stay ahead and in order to stay ahead you have to stay informed. Well if you are a blogger and you want to increase traffic to your website (which blogger doesn’t?) then it is time that you consider guest blogging. Guest blogging, what’s that? Well if that’s what you are thinking, then it’s time to pull up your socks a little and really get into the game of blogging. Remember that blogging is a full-time engagement in itself and hence you have to make sure that you give it all the effort, concentration and sincerity that it needs.

Identifying the problem areas

Guest blogging is a concept, as the name suggests, where you write for another blogger or blog as a guest. Confused? Well, let us suppose that you have a blog of your own. You write and publish almost on a periodical basis and you believe that you generate content that will garner interest. However, you are seeing that the number of readers, followers and the feedbacks are not being generated enough. So where does the problem lie?

The problem might be that your blog does not have enough reach and in order for you to increase that you will need the help of a guest posting company. What will a guest posting company do? It will help you to find the proper blogs for which you can write which in turn will help you to generate more and more traffic to your own website.

How does guest blogging work?

The entire mode of operation is rather simple. Some blogs are quite popular and the moment you search for something on the internet, these blogs appear immediately. This means that these blogs are drawing a lot of traffic and more importantly they are producing a series of content on a regular basis that is engaging. It means that they will almost always be looking for fresher minds with the ability to churn interesting content that has the potential to go viral. So, the hard part of the job is to identify such blogs. It is important to remember that your blog should also be related to the blog for which you want to guest write. For example, suppose you have a travel blog, so as a guest writer, look for travel blogs, not say lifestyle blogs. It is important to always keep this factor in mind before you make a selection. Now once you have identified your target blog, the next step would be to get your article published there. So how do you get your article published there? You will have to get in touch with the blog that you are interested to be featured in and then you have to supply them with good content. When you approach a blogger or company, they will of course review your blog first and decide whether or not you will be featured in their blog. Once they accept you, you will be allowed to post articles (as many as per the agreement with the company) on their blog. So, how does it benefit you? It benefits you just the same way as it benefits someone when their event or achievement gets featured in an international newspaper than in a local newspaper. Once you get featured there, a lot of people will be reading your article or articles. If they like what they are reading then it will automatically draw attention to your website. How? The plus point of guest blogging is that you will be able to publish your name as well as the link to your blog along with the article that you publish. Thus, if people find your content engaging and powerful then you will be able to draw more and more traffic to your website which is of utmost importance, because the more traffic you generate, the more your blog becomes popular.

Things to consider before guest blogging

If you are thinking of approaching a guest blogging company then you should get some basics cleared out at the very beginning:

  • It is not always possible for us pinpoint the right blogging company for us and hence we if are serious about guest blogging then we should get in touch with a reputed company that will help us to find a good blog for which we can guest write. Do not waste your time running after opportunities which will not reap the benefits the way you want and hence it is best to invest in something which will fetch you the traffic.
  • You will have to review and re-review your content before you publish it. Read, research and then write. It is very important to generate engaging, interesting and fresh content. That is the trick with digital writing – you will have to generate fresh content which will be written in a simple and lucid language with mass appeal.
  • While you are racking your brain to churn up some good content, you will also have to keep in mind that your grammar and spelling have to be on point. It might sound useless, but you need to remember that in this digital age, a lot of content is floating in the internet. We do not sit down and read all the content that comes along our way and we use a filtration method, even after the filtration process (SEO) had been conducted by the search engines. And one of the main things that our human minds look for is a good read which is impossible without good grammar. Thus, focus on getting your basic skills right, before you jump into guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a very good opportunity to increase and build your fan base. It is a rather crucial one as well. So it is important that you go on about it very carefully and in a calculated manner, so that you can make the best of it!