Amazing Top7 DIY Bookshelf idea From Cardboard


In this technological area, books are our best friend it is good news for us. Many people still now spend their past time by reading their favorite book. All of us know books are the storehouse of knowledge. To settle this book in our house, we need not much space for it. For this, you need only one or two nice or simple bookshelf in your house.

And, a DIYbookshelf is not only increasing the beauty of your homebut also inspire you to read and collect more new books. As a result, it will help you to know more and more about the earth or the human of it. You can make a DIY bookshelf from cardboard easily with craft in the DIY process. Let’s see how we can do it.

DIY bookshelf design by cardboard

By using cardboard you can create various types or design bookshelf. If your home is tiny or small you need to plan a small size beautiful bookshelf. When you have enough room in your house you can take a big plan to make a bookshelf. For making the DIY bookshelf you can use cardboard which is very easy to handle and can craft any types of design without any trouble. Among all instruments to make this craft you must need a table saw with rip fence. It will help to complete your job perfectly.

Fancy bookshelves are easy to fit in your living room or your fully furnished study room. For this, you can choose the contemporary style because it presents variable ideas on bookshelves models. You can provide your creativity to craft the bookshelves. You also can use old cardboard for it as a recycle function. Let’s go and check a few new designs of a DIY bookshelf.

  1. Cups bookshelf: Cup design bookshelf is a very creative and funny bookshelf. It will be very attractive to your relatives or friends and it expands the beauty of your reading room or living room. This unique design can change the environment of your room and give a different look. The space of this bookshelf is large where you keep sufficient book.
  2. Tree bookshelf:Tree bookshelf is another eye-catching shelf. It looks like just a small tree. You can use any kind of color to make it by matching the color of your house. The branches of the tree can be fitted so you can decorate your lovely and master book on it. You also need not another shelf when you pick this tree shelf. It can contain enough books as you need.
  3. Wheel shape bookshelf: Wheel shape bookshelf looks like circle shape shelf. It is an amazing bookshelf. You can fit it around the window which can save your space and enlarge the beauty of your home. If your window may be small or large, you will fit the accurate size of the wheel shape bookshelf.
  4. Religion bookcase: When your lovely book got a bookshelf, your religion books need an individual shelf for them. I think you must separate them from other books to keep pure. It also needs to keep your prayer room which enlarges your inspiration to devote you in your prayer deeply.
  5. Funny bookcase: Funny bookcase always gives you more entertainment plus inspire to spend your past time with your lovely books. In your funny bookcase, you can use funny color and it will change the environment in a second. It also makes a refreshed mood of you and your friends, children or your relatives.
  6. Sign bookshelf: There are various types sign we can seeeveryday such as check sign, tick mark, cross sign and so much more. This sign design you can use to make a small bookshelf. If you want, you can craft two or more small sign bookshelf as your selection. This sign design expresses your personality also like if you are an internet lover, you can use a net sign or you love ghost book you can select a cross sign to make your lovely bookcase.
  7. Bookshelf for kids: If your kids are not interestedin reading the book, you just bring a kids bookshelf for them. It may inspire your kids to read the book in their past time without gaming in the net. Today our kids very like to spend their time playing the game on the net which is not good for them. We should motivate them to read the book or their practical job at home. For this reason, you can fit a funny or cartoon bookcase where you can keep story books, funny books, picture books, and so much colorful kid’s books.

Final thought:

A designable bookshelf is the greatest idea for a book reader. If you are the book lover you can select an idea from the following design which you can make yourself or give the order to make or buy for your home. From the listed design, the idea helps you to make DIY bookshelf from cardboard plus it will make you more creative. I hope, now, you can make more idea which you can fit to decorate your home easily.