In America 12-years old girl has been enemy of the mother’s life for I Phone.


Hereinafter mother was considered the precious gift of God, everybody wanted to sacrifice their lives, happiness and rest in contract with mothers, have not dared to talk loudly in front of her, have not tried to refuse her in close to any need in any circumstance. But unfortunately nowadays the worst time has released, all these things are gone in opposite direction, let’s have a look upon the 12-years old little girl incident.

COLORADO: American state Colorado, 12-years old girl for snatching I Phone by her mother, 2 times tried to kill her, Police subsequently complain of mother received some evidence and then took her in their custody and transferred her in to the jail of children’s.

Consequently to Police, in the Colorado Capital Denver, 12-years old girl only for the I Phone, 2 times tried to give poison to her mother, after mixing it in meal, at the first time she gave poison to her mother in the breakfast, in which she mixed it in juice, in which mother was doubt, but she thought that girls was not washed glass rightly and properly that’s why smell of bleaching is being come and felt to me, when the second time, when the girl was tried to give bleach in the drink to her mother then her doubt was changed into reality, she registered her complain in to police station.

Police in contract with the mother’s complain and receiving evidences, taken her in their custody and transferred her in to children jail, where further investigation will be held.