America is being considered to drop nuclear bomb on Afghanistan later 9/11. German Chancellor’s Former Advisor.


BERLIN: It was predicted by Germany Former Chancellor Hard Sherwood’s Advisor that hereinafter the attack of 11th September on New York’s World Trade Centre America prepared a plan to drop nuclear bomb on Afghanistan while Germany forbad President Bush to do it.

Former Chancellor Political Advisor Michael told to German Newspaper that after the 9/11 attack nuclear attack on Afghanistan was one of the possible measures.

According to him that when al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden ‘s attack on New York’s main commercial center in the death of thousands of people after the nuclear option against Afghanistan from the US administration on the question so he replied that all options are available.

According to Michael betimes German Chancellor Hard Sherwood had fear that America can express any response in angriness but he was also refused for unconditional supports of America and in 2003 relations between him and President Bush were extremely strained because Germany refused to support America in the war against Iraq.