An Amazing Aircone Watch Which Can Hot and Cold Entire Body


Now you can cool in summer and you hot in winter, do you know how is possible?  So listen that the scientist of the California’s has invented an aircon watch which is a wristwatch, which will keep hot in winter and cool in summer. Do you want to know about that?


Everyone wants that keep hot in winter and cold in summer scientists have solved our problems and invent a unique watch which will keep hot and cold that of name is “Aircon watch”. Aircon watch also calls air conditioner because this can keep the cool entire body.


How is temperature increases or decreases?

This watch invented after a research that a part of the skin is gradually cold or hot, it affects its entire body. A designer of Hong Kong designs it, in the straps of cold and heat extrusion system exist. This system eliminates cold and heat in terms of different conditions and especially through the pulses of human cold and heat reaches to the brain, like this Nervous system start to controls entire body temperature. By interrupting nervous system, body temperature decreases or decreases something.


Which technology in which use?

According to the company, the secret of watch hid in the straps in which a small device based on a “Climacon technology” is imposed. This watch transfers the temperature through the veins. This watch can use every time everywhere and every weather. It is also waterproof and there is no fear in the water, you can wear in rain.


Configuration of the watch

Aircon watch is an (O L E D) display watch and in which build a 400 (M A H) battery, which provides 4 hours cold and heat for 8 hours. According to the company this watch used on deferent people. The watch price is kept at $ 75 and which will be available until this year’s end.