An amazing and rare video is famous, which can be seen as a big crab by hunting a big seabird


This particular crab is called “Coconut Crab”, whose biological name is “Berges latro”. With its strong arms, it breaks the coconut easily and is therefore called “coconut crab”. But for the first time, it has been seen as a hunter of a big bird, which shows that crabs have their dominance over the entire island.


The coconut crab can be up to four kilograms and its length is up to one meter. Thus it is included in the largest animal feed that does not have a spinal cord. These crabs are found on the Pacific Ocean and the islands of the Indian Ocean. They eat coconut deliciously climbing on the trees. However, now the video of being a great hunter has come. Compared to humans, their grip is 10 times more powerful and can also break the human bone.

Between January and March 2016, the specialist of the dark mouth college mark lauder and his companions visited the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, where these crabs are found in large numbers.

One night they saw that a crab climbed a tree quietly and moved towards a nest where the sea bug was resting. Then the crab suddenly shook his spear-shaped arm and injured it and fell down from the tree. Seeing this video Shin Oka, a professor of Okiaki Nawa Kaururaema Foundation Research Center in Japan, is surprised. They say the Crab attacked the birds with 3300 Newton’s power and it is a force like lion jaws and enough to break the bones of the bird.


Then the crab came down and broke the second arm of the bird. Then five more crabs came there and invited the bird’s party together.

The most horrible aspect of the news is that before they had never been seen as hunting and they were seen only dependent on coconut and other small animals. It proved to be that if the crab is occupied by the whole island and thus the number of birds will gradually decrease. Will become fewer houses of birds and the birds will be scared to drive away.