An app puts your phone on silent automatically during prayers


LONDON: Are you among the millions of people whose mobile phones are rung during the prayers and they become extremely worried. So here is good news for you that in this regards, a new app has developed.

You cannot imagine your lives without mobile phones in this fast-moving world and era of technology. Because the mobile phone has become your partner of all the time even in the Masjid and if you had set any loud beat ringtone and your phone rings during the prayer so there is so much embarrassment. Because it does not only interfere your worship while it interfere others worships too.

Usually, people shut off their mobiles or put it on silent mode during the prayer. Many times people forget adapting these precautions. Such people who forget to shut off their phones or put on silent. So here is awesome news for them An app puts your phone on silent automatically during prayers. Just you have to download this ‘Salati’ app for your Android Mobile Phones. When you active this app so your mobile phone will automatically be on silent.