An Indian gorgeous actress has converted in to Islam.


In Mumbai inside of recent days an Indian actress whose former name was Monika has completely accepted Islam and also completely calculated moves aside out of sight films.

She has commenced her new life out of sight 11th day of January, 2015 with hers new wedding relation.

Hers’ name out of sight commenced by birth was Rakha Maro Tharag, she was comprehended in enormous popular heroines, she was being worked in Tamil Tango and Malaya Lim.

While after she moved in the scope of Islam, she is named herself Rahima, and now she has been really far away out of side hers’ former life.

It was also voiced by her that her marriage was fixed by her father and her groom is son of her father’s fast friend.

She is feeling truly happy after the intruding inside the scope of Islam. Islam is always delivered the message of peace and love, rather further stated that she wants to forget totally her past and always want to be happy with hers’ new life.