An Insight into Challah Knives and More


Looking to cut a loaf of challah properly?

If it is the case, then you should definitely opt for a challah knife to begin it. However, before you opt for such a remarkable piece, you should be aware of a few things about this blade. Through this article, you will get an insight into the type of knives these are and also what these are specially used for and more.

Have a look!

Serrated blade

Let’s start with the standard answers. Each of these knives is not straight-edged. The blade which is used to cut a slice of bread is serrated which means that that there is a series of teeth on this blade. These “teeth’ are sharp and prominent. One might think that it looks like the jaw of a shark.

The distance between each tooth varies. Some of these knives come with teeth that sit close to one another which makes a blade look like “V” series. However, the distance between teeth in some other designs is longer which creates a “U” type shape between points.

The serrated points are quite sharp along with the points between the blades. This design is ideal for cutting different parts of a thing especially a loaf of bread. The teeth of this blade easily cut the outer edge while the rest of it follows for having a perfect slice. It is used forward and backward simply like one uses a saw.

What do people use this type of blade for?

The standard serrated knives are the bread knives. If an individual has tried cutting a piece of bread with a knife that has straight-edged knows how difficult it is to do so. Hence, using a challah knife to cut a piece of bread is highly sought after. A straight-edged knife makes it difficult for people to break the crust easily. Hence, people use this so that hard crust can be torn easily while the rest of the blade follows and slice a loaf of bread.

Why everyone must own such a knife?

Everyone in the world has bread once a day, especially the Jews. This means that every kitchen needs such a knife to easily cut pieces of bread. Also, it is usual for Jews to calmly run a knife over challah before they start reciting their Hamotzi blessing.

Moreover, for such occasion one requires a special blade which has a serrated edge along with a designer handle that not only makes it look stunning but also represents that tradition that Jews follow when cutting challah. So, when you are looking to slice challah on Shabbat, always use such a knife which is made from silver for such ideal occasions.

Moreover, a set of silver challah knives is a remarkable present which can be gifted to people that offers a family to enjoy a pure and holy Shabbat in the coming days.

Still thinking? Just get yourself or your loved ones the best set of silver knives today for ultimate slicing of bread and more!