Annoyed audiences are out their anger and frustrations in Social Websites.


Someone was shared the post of sales of broken televisions in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: After the worst defeat out of sight West Indies, on the social websites audiences adequate out vents of their hearts.

After forgetting the defeat against India, and continuously praying for Pakistan’s victory, those people’s toleration was ended when only on a single score four batsmen were returned to pavilion, at the mean time, someone prayed for rain, some were been furious on Wapda for load shedding, on the continuously fallen of green shirts wickets so many cricket lovers was cried a lot.

A young boy wrote on Face book that “نہیں ہے ناامید اقبال اپنی ٹیم سے ، ذرا نم ہوتو یہ وکٹ بڑی تیز ہے ساقی”.

A fan thanked to wapda for fallen of light during the match, someone started to shared the post of sales of broken televisions in Pakistan and it was written on many posts that “be silent our national game is not at all cricket it is hockey”.

A frustrated citizen shared a photo in which he was truncating the bat into hockey, many people was denounced the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), Najam Sethi was criticized a lot. During this period so many people were also been sent posts in the favour of players.