Are Virtual Offices The New Business Trend in NZ?



Globally, businesses have adopted new ways to operate, and much of it has to do with an emphasis on technology. Professionals can communicate in real time with each other, can share files, and can work on projects in the online landscape. More importantly, technology has also transformed the way in which New Zealanders work today.

This is especially apparent in the advent of the virtual office. While the virtual office has been around for a number of years, today it has come to play centre stage to the business platform. The success of Servcorp NZ – virtual office platform – is one example of the popularity of the virtual office. More than being a trend, businesses are seeing the value of the virtual office in a number of applications.

Keep reading to learn about the virtual office’s popularity in New Zealand’s office space landscape.

What’s Happening Right Now

While the traditional office still has a firm place in the country’s business landscape, recently other office formats have come to fore to replace conventional spaces. The serviced office that provides businesses with a variety office plans is still around and is a cheaper option to the conventional lease, but then there are coworking spaces and virtual offices, which have grown significantly in the last few years. Then, there are incubator and accelerator programs, which provide businesses with office space and a plan for growth. In New Zealand, businesses have taken advantage of a diverse office space landscape that has reduced overhead significantly for many.

The trend, though, seems to be for businesses, especially start-ups, to flock to alternative office formats that give them the tools needed for business while providing them with adequate office space. The trend has moved beyond becoming a trend simply because in larger cities like Auckland businesses are moving toward the fringes of the city to find office space that is not so expensive. Currently, commercial real estate trends point toward a landscape where businesses are increasingly relying upon alternative office formats, one being the virtual office.

The Many Uses

The virtual office is an increasingly popular option because it provides businesses with a lot of flexibility and versatility. In fact, businesses can use the office to support a remote office platform that provides them with access to office space without a lot of overhead, which is how the office plan should ideally work. Businesses have become pretty creative with how to get the most of this office plan. The office can be used as a hybrid of the online platform, whether used as a part of a coworking space or remote office.

Then, if you travel with your office quite often, then your mobile phone can also double as your office, as cell phone technology has advanced to the point where professionals can accomplish any task with the right app. The virtual office has proven itself quite valuable in a business landscape where convenience is no longer a luxury, but it is a necessity in getting a head start. The virtual office initially started as a tool to move many to the applications of real-world business to the online platform. However, today’s virtual office has been leveraged as a complement to other office formats, in addition to being a stand-alone office.

A Trend Or A Fad

The virtual office has become neither for many professionals in New Zealand. As technology has come to play a very big role in business, the virtual office has proven itself to be an invaluable tool and resource. Ultimately, it appears that the virtual office is going to be around to evolve into other versions of this popular office format long after other trends come and go.