Are You A Music Artist Looking For Recognition And Popularity?


Everybody loves music, they buy it, sell it, make it, and create wonders. Almost everyone has an app on their phones so they can listen, and jam out to their favourite tunes whenever they want. They create playlists daily with all sorts of genres, either for their personal use or to gain followers out of the music that is put out into the world. There are a number of streaming apps or sites to create playlists and sell it. One of the biggest, most popular app is Spotify, this is an audio streaming company where you can listen to music, podcasts, and more, you can even buy real Spotify plays

What are Spotify Plays?

When making music it is important that they get paid. There are certain people who make playlists, or tracks and due to this they should earn a payment. As Spotify allows this they make it possible to buy streams. For a play to be counted so that the artist can be rewarded the player has to play the song for at least 30 seconds. Many buy streams so that they can increase their audience, and gain more recognition. It is a good opportunity to give your songs exposure and share it more people all around the world, with this it is possible to increase your rank, and as the plays are real you are also eligible for royalties. Which is a great benefit.

How does it really work, and how much would it cost?

A number of sites sell real plays, and it is usually the same process. It is simple and not overbearing for buyers to understand. At first there is a payment that needs to be done for your order, and you will also have to give them information for how much and what you want, such as the amount of plays, the targeted country, and the current monthly listeners. Then the site at which you bought it from will deliver your plays in no time

The prices vary on how much you of real plays you buy, the targeted country and the number of listeners. It can range from $4.44- $5056.01.

Extra Benefits

When buying real plays or streams there are a number of benefits you can gain, such as;

  • More recognition- When more real plays are bought, they increase the exposure of your music and as more of your music is exposed to the world. You can gain more listeners and followers. It will improve your reputation, and increase your popularity.
  • Focused on making music- If making music is your passion and want to earn with your passion, then this is a good way to do, as you will be focused more on making it rather than having to deal with promoting. So, it will also save your time.
  • Improvement in royalty rates- As you buy more plays you can boost your sales. This is because you will be reaching more people as the more plays you buy the more it will expose your music. Therefore, more people will stream your music, which leads to higher sales.
  • You can reach your possible fan base- With the music that you are putting out, and Spotify promoting, you can target certain people who are interested, and they may follow you back.

So overall it would benefit new upcoming artist to gain popularity. So,buying real Spotify plays would be a great investment. As it is a great way to earn royalties, and further your career.