Arkansas Homes – Sales in The South for Land for Your Home


If you’re looking for some of the best fine piece of Southern land to build your home on, you can look into a little gem just northwest of Little Rock. The Rock is booming with the market in Little Rock Arkansas has been continuously growing, and now you can get beautiful oasis landscapes which can give you all the outdoor beauty of living in the country while being extremely close to the city. While there are all types of locations available state-wide, we’re going to look at a little watery viewed community that is chock full of amenities, as well as scenery all packed into a cozy corner just outside Roland, Arkansas.

What are Waterview Estates?

Yes, the above pun was intended. Waterview Estates is just northwest as mentioned above Little Rock, but just next to the Arkansas River, and the lovely Lake Maumelle. With plenty of plots available for purchase, you can build your dream home. They’re the great escape when you want the perfect blend of woodlands, mixed with suburban comfort and availability. The land is conveniently nestled in the Arkansas River Valley, so the weather is nice much of the year as well, as any other Southern state is.

How Many Lots are For Sale?

There are over a hundred lots for sale on four quadrants that make up the Waterview community. That being said, while a few places that are closest to Little Rock are sold already, all of the other quadrants have people rather spaced out, so you can still get the suburban life and get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoying your privacy. Even if you live in one of the far quadrants, you still have access to the numerous amenities that Waterview has to offer.


From being able to train your own horses and let them rest in community stables, and horse training grounds, you and your family can also enjoy being able to play basketball, tennis, and even travel on both horseback or just by walking on the amazing wilderness jogging trails that are exclusively designed just for you.

Do the Lots Cost a Lot?

Fortunately, Arkansas is one of the lowest cost of living states in the United States. Imagine, you could have a luxury home built right here next to Little Rock’s big city, and save thousands of dollars a year thanks to Arkansas’ economy. This means that now is the time to buy as homes are as low as ever, and so is land. Whether you’re wanting to use it for farm land or your family home, you can get one of Waterview Estates for a pretty good price.


Waterview Estates has been on the rise as one of Arkansas hottest areas where there is special land for sale, offering more scenic views than any other city in the area. Even to the Northwest, you can get a good glimpse of the Ozark Mountains. You can call for quotes, and even go visit if you’re looking to relocate or looking for a home with land for sale in Little Rock, AR. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the great things that Little Rock has to offer while you’re at it!