Arnold Schwarzenegger was unhappy out of sight Predator sequel.


Hollywood Action Star Arnold Schwarzenegger is totally unhappy from the sequel of “Predator”. It was said by 67 years old Actor of who was worked in 1987 science fiction film “Predator” that both sequels of film was not fulfilled whole expectations of audience and the interesting thing is this that Arnold was not seen in both sequels when it was asked to Arnold that is he will take part in Shane Black new Predator?.

So he replied that Predator is one from his best projects however he is not belonged to new film. The saddest thing is this that sometimes studios make best sequels but several times they make intensive useless films and all is done due to greediness.

According to Arnold sometimes studios make inexpensive films and hope to earn more and more money in this situation they do not choose correct actors or directors.

This is the worst way. Hereinafter the real Predator its sequels will not at all satisfy audience.