Back channels negotiation between Pak-India predicted.


ISLAMABAD: Back channels negotiation between Pak-India strive failure was predicted. Pakistan and India are being hoped that Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister of India Narendar Modi were being tried to be closer together with each other in last week at New York so both countries relations were better.

It was also known that the 70th session of the General Assembly on the country secretly and two way interactions were looking for a chance.

A senior Pakistani official said on condition of anonymity that India’s National Security Advisors of the two countries had proposed the negotiations in New York. However the agenda of issues relating to terrorism had been insisting on.

Pakistan has refused for such like negotiations before 4 weeks ago when the negotiations were failure between the Pakistan and India’s Security Advisors in New Delhi and It was proposed that the both countries’ Foreign Ministers to discuss all outstanding issues these negotiations could be at neutral place however deadlock has been enhanced in this regard.

Sartaj Aziz the Indian news channel CNN, the BNP, said in an interview confirmed channel efforts and said that some kind of diplomacy was done in between Pakistan and India camps in New York.

He further said that India’s national security advisor on terrorism was willing to talk however Pakistan did not approve the proposal. Sartaj Aziz said on Monday that the current situation is impossible to hold the India series, cricket and other ways, we have to improve matters.