Balloon kills a baby


PORTLAND: It is just unbelievable! how a balloon can kill anybody. Sometimes happy occasions suddenly turn into tragedy. Such an incident happened in the United States where a little girl was celebrating her 8th birthday. While trying to rip the balloon by her hands, unfortunately, became the hunt of it.

The Resident of Portland, the 8 years old little girl took some balloons on her birthday in her room and she ripped a 3-feet big balloon and as soon as the balloon exploded, the helium gas got off in her mouth and through the respiratory tract, it became the cause of choking death of her. After 20 minutes when girl’s father reached in the room, she was lying unconscious on the bed. The balloon was wrapped around her head and mouth. On which her father immediately cut and separated balloon and tried his best to restore her daughter’s breath but it was too late. she has lost her breath.

According to the Medical Team, they tried every possible effort for saving the child’s life but in the long run, they confirmed her death. Thus, moments of happiness suddenly turned into mourning in seconds.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, this is not the first death caused by the helium balloon. In fact, many children have lost their lives because of suffocation by balloons burst.

According to the Father of the Child, I have taken this incident very seriously and I advise parents that they must keep away their children from tearing of balloons. Now you have known that how balloon kills a baby.