Ban on vote in Egypt for women who wears immodest clothing


CAIRO: Ban on vote in Egypt for women who wears immodest clothing. Egypt’s parliamentary elections next week starting from immodest dressed women entering the polling stations and cast their vote is banned.

According to Arab Website Major General Refaat Komsan, election affairs advisor to the Prime Minister called for traditions to be respected said in a released narration that in all over the country all arrangements for the parliamentary elections have been completed.

In which collectively more than 5 million of 56 million citizens will cast their ballots. Polling process as possible to improve the electoral sub- committees have been formed 27 thousand and 11 thousand polling stations were established.

Ensuring transparency of the electoral process, international experts have been hired by us. During the process of elections 87 civilians and foreign organizations and 61 foreign embassies will monitor the elections.

It was said by Refaat Komsan that we promote democratic traditions are entering the phase of parliamentary elections. This is not at all any fashion show or traditional festival that women will wear different types of immodest and sexy dresses.

During elections, voters and election workers must wear clothing for both dignified that’s why we appeal to all the citizens that while respecting national and social traditions and non- controversial vote to refrain from wearing decent clothing.

Election officials wearing tight and sexy clothing any woman would be entitled to vote. It is cleared that the first initial step elections will be held on 30th of October in Egypt.