Banned on meat India! You will never progress. A sentence of Sonam Kapoor fired in India.


MUMBAI: Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor who is not only famous for hers acting and fashion while also knows very well for hers domineering stance and overbearing attitude.

Recent days when Indian Government took action against porn sites and started to ban on them then Sonam Kapoor was targeted to Government.

The Indian state of Maharashtra and the beef ban to be sold on the actress has expressed outrage. It was said by Sonam Kapoor on social media website Tweeter in regarding of Maharashtra Government’s decision that our country wants to live in the third world countries because some narrow minded people are existed here.

Actress called “Aversion to Women” to Maharashtra Government’s narrow mind. In contract with Tweeter some fans of her were not agreed with her that ban on meat and aversion to women magnitude common.

Sonam Kapoor defended her sentence and said that “What did I say before it was examination of India”. I was not just talked about banning on meat in my very first tweet.

Another side Sonakshi also came on social media in connecting with slaughtering of cows and ban on meat and said in a tweet message that India is an independent state on where restrictions the meat is ridiculous.

We rather than meat why do not ban on ignorance and neglecting, what was done for flood victims in Asam?