Become an Air hostess: Courses, Jobs and Salary Details in India



Air hostess job is one of the most romantic and unusual professions in the world. But not all girls succeed in the sky; many of them just give up. To become an air hostess you should give a lot of time, patience, and hard work during the training course.

At the first glance, it seems that this is a glamorous and unattainable work, so for many people, it remains just a dream because of fear of failure. Take the first steps in its direction and be sure that someday you’ll work in the sky.

Job peculiarities for air hostesses:

An air hostess or another flight attendant is the specialist of the aircrew, helps the passengers and is responsible for their safety on the aircraft.

An air hostess job is currently very common because for a sufficiently long period the specialists in this field were in high demand among employers. This area still needs professionals.

Salary: Rs. 50.000–75,000, depends on international or domestic airlines.

Place of work: work as an air hostess implies the performance of duties on the board in the air.

Do you dream of a career of an air hostess? They have the workplaces where flying is very exciting.

Best air hostess courses in India:

To become an air hostess, you should graduate from a special school. If you want to work on the international flights, you need the education and knowledge of foreign languages.

In addition to hostesses, there are air stewards on a flight. Thousands of students after their 12th standard go to the best colleges of air hostess training in India. After the air hostess courses the training is offered to students to get great jobs for flight attendants in national and international flights.

India has a developing economy that just reaches the uppermost level of economic systems. A huge amount of money is made by the tourism industry and entertainment in the Indian economy. For further business growth in the international service of airlines also grows the network and flight services. Delivery and customer service in the flights considered among the sectors of hospitality.

Today, proper training and knowledge are almost forced, while you are trying to join the sector. Jobs of air hostesses require the highest level of professionalism, and therefore a high level of training and knowledge, which is required by the job. This is the reason why more and more students looking forward to learning. However, it was found out that some girls who do not have formal training, were selected by the airlines. It happens very rarely. The presence of proper knowledge and training about the service guests should be aware for every flight attendant.

Let’s look at the training courses for air hostesses in India.

Colleges for Getting the Necessary Education:

India has the outstanding colleges for air hostesses, who are known to offer exceptional training to students. They are:

  • Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi/NCR;
  • Kingfisher Training Academy (KTA), Mumbai;
  • Frankfinn Institute Delhi/NCR;
  • Frankfinn Institute Mumbai;
  • Universal Aviation Academy (UAA) Chennai;
  • College of the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Aeronautics.

Jaipur is among the best educational institutions in India. This is one of the most preferred career courses in India today. The students who are passionate about the presence of a career in the airlines are looking for admission in the best institutes of the flight attendants in India.

The accommodation offered to these students is great. When they handed in the letter of offer of employment from the airline dream, it’s like a dream come true for them. Cells embedded in the best academies in India. Every year they promote their students for job fairs and recruit their best airlines. This is nothing but a dream for candidates who expect to have a career as an air hostess and travel all over the world.

The Main Duties of the Air Hostess Job:

The main tasks of the profession “Air hostess”:

  • Check professional units and accessories, onboard equipment of ship on the subject of flight readiness, training of its sanitary condition;
  • Accommodation of passengers;
  • Service of passengers;
  • Explanation of instructions to passengers;
  • In the required phases of flight management activities;
  • Supporting the passengers leaving the plane.

The profession “Air hostess” requires intellectual, physical and psychological costs. Professional activity primarily involves the monitoring, detection of errors, and removing their causes.