Beets juice controls blood pressure


NORTH CAROLINA: The American Experts predicted in the light of their new research that those, who drinks juice of beets daily, their blood pressure is in control. It also provides energy for exercise to them. The scientists and experts of the American Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center studied the effects of beet juice on heart patients and this research published in the American ‘Cardiology Journal’ that beets juice controls blood pressure.

As per report, when experts tried beet juice on the elderly heart patients so surprising results found. According to the Experts, moreover heart patients, healthy people also suffer from fatigue and shortness of breath during exercise. During the research, they conducted exercises after feeding 19 people beet juice and made it a daily routine then reviewed their medical record. During the research, they felt that only a week to drink a glass of beet juice exercise capacity improved by 24%. In which cycling and running include. In addition, the reduction in blood pressure noted 5 to 10 units and during this period, any harm effects did not set up on the body.

According to the Scientists, the beet juice is rich in nitrate, which controls blood pressure, increases heart health and gives strength for exercise. In half ounces of beet juice, 6 mm inorganic nitrate is present. If the heart patients and elders people drink a glass of beet juice in a routine so they can save from several diseases.