Some beneficial recipes for the face book users.


More than 1 billion people are used face book, however it is necessary that everybody know its’ all features.

More than 1 billion people are used face book, however it is necessary that everybody know its’ all features, a reason behind it that changes are occurred in contract with facebook.

Here we are telling you 4 face book tracks which will be proven approximately beneficial for you.

1) Close the feature of “Seen”.

Are you trying to ignore anyone? If it is, so track is useful for you, so this way you can turn off this feature, in which it is known that “the message was seen” eventually at what time it was seen, if you don’t want to give answer of the message who encoded, so he is felt bad, and imposingly you have to do it.

Being on facebook it is not at all possible to do it, however, the users of Google chrome can do it by using namely “facebook unseen app” except this the cross raiders chat can also be used in this regards, this app except chrome also may be used in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, it has been known to you that by using these type of apps you are being violent of the term and services.

2) Make “Back up”.

To save your data and erect its’ backup method is this that download your all facebook data, by using this method you can not at all only seen your first given message, while that your all photos, vedios and messages back up will be forged, however, for using this method several hours, while several days are being consumed, because out of sight your all facebook data is recorded.

3) Remove “Last act” from facebook messenger.

Out of sight this feature your friends can easily know when you were been last in chat, to get rid of it delete your facebook messenger and then open it on your cell phone browser or then use your desktop.

4) Check the hidden messages.

The messages which was sent by your friends, they were come to your inbox, however, who are not
your friends, their messages are presence in a separate category, their notifications are also not come, majority of people click on this folder, may be any important message is received to you, we think that (others) is for the teasers only, to watch them click on this URL.