Best 5 Offline Android Games of 2020


The Android game industry is booming with online multiplayer games, but there are many of us who still just like the old-style game offline android with an honest story and excellent gameplay. Sometimes it happens that we wish to play a game on the other hand we discover the web connection isn’t supporting. So we’ve compiled an inventory of best offline android games of 2020 we could find within the play store.

1. Alto’s Adventure

This game just pushed the definition of lovely games. It’s an auto-runner style game where you’ve got to guide a personality named alto to its destination through the mountain collecting as many coins as possible. The gameplay is randomly generated means whenever you’ve got to affect different obstacles. The gameplay is gorgeous with stunning material themed flat graphics changing shapes and colours consistent with weather with the superb piano-based soundtrack.

2. Badland

Badland is additionally a free runner style game but quite different at an equivalent time. you’ve got to guide a bunch of birdy creatures to fly across the dark forest. Its a visually stunning, physics-based game which can surely lure your mind. The gameplay is quite smart then fast, you’ve got to calculate every guess weather which bird to sacrifice and which one to undergo . you’ll use these birds to tug a lever or press a button on the gameplay.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Did you saw this coming, don’t you? Asphalt is one among those single player offline android games of 2020 which doubles as online multiplayer. it’s often wont to benchmark gaming performance in android and ios devices. With pretty graphics and animations, it also has some killer soundtrack which can entertain you throughout your virtual racing career.

4. Plague Inc.

If you ever dreamed to be a mad scientist and make something that would potentially destroy the entire planet, then this game is for you. you’ll create a deadly virus and spread it to infect as many of us as you’ll . the sport has its own intelligent algorithms which can attempt to challenge your strategies.

5. Freeze!

Freeze changes the definition of escape type games. There are many best offline android games of 2020 which may be challenging and relaxing at an equivalent time. during this particular game, you’ve got to vary the entire game setup to free a ball and reach the portal. It contains several quizzes which can put your brain to figure along side some smoothing soundtracks.