Best Android Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows



Inarguably, the modern world of science and technology has brought a great revolution through the internet with the advancement and innovation in the technology. The ways of entertainment with the increasing accessibility of the internet across the globe have enormously changed over the years.

Plenty of movies and TV channels can be comfortably streamed off online through web browsers.Use free apps to stream movies to your Android from Google Play store which offers you mind-blowing features, instead of relying on web browsers to watch movies.

You can comfortably install these apps on your Android in order to browse movies and TV channels that help you entertain yourself. Many blockbuster movies like Terminator 2 which is my all timefavourite movie, in which Arnold on a bike wearing different motocross jackets in different scenes was looking dashing. Latest ideas about the innovative trends regarding various protective gears for the motorcycle riders spread like wild fire throughout. The youngsters in particular get very much inspired by watching their favorite heroes wearing modern motorbike protective dress-items.

Best apps for streaming movies

Here is going to serve you the best list of streaming apps for both iOS and Android where you can get your daily dose of entertainment with unlimited streaming.

  1. Crackle helps to stream free Hollywood movies

Crackle is well-known for streaming free Hollywood movies, TV series and exclusive shows on your Smartphone. Actually,Crackle is beautifully created by Sony that offers us a very entertaining collection of TV shows and movies.

The app specially and distinctively facilitates you to watch the video without signing up. This free streaming app is almost ad-free.

  1. TubiTV is packed with ad-supported movies

Like Crackle, Tubi TV is comprised of complete ad-supported movie and TV shows. Everybody feels like streaming favourite shows and movies free of cost. You can use this app free for as long as you want to use the services. In return, you have to watch a few small ads before and during a movie and TV shows. Sometimes ads are very interesting such as an ad of heavy bike’s gear especially a motorcycle chest protector that I myself bought online. I have deeply observed that these ads and the motorbike protective gears are part and parcel for each other.

Tubi is beautifully designed with a dark theme and the media player. The sound and video quality of this app are exceptionally outstanding.

  1. Popcornflix offers the latest movies and TV shows

Popcornflix with a dark theme skin plays movies and exclusive TV shows at high streaming speed. This free streaming app has considerably been designed for streaming movies and TV shows for free.

The excellent features of this app include:

  • Watch over movies without any subscription or fee.
  • Stream over 700 hundred Hollywood movies instantly.
  • Latest movies added daily.
  • A list of different genres is comprised of comedy, romance, family drama, urban, action or thrillers, horror, Espanol, documentaries, Bollywood, and lots more.
  • Unlimited films can be viewed.


  1. Snagfilms is significant for documentaries and classic movies

Snagfilms is stupendously designed for the enthusiasts who are interested in documentaries and classic movies. Snagfilms is enriched in videos on the topic such as Drama, Kids, Films, World, World History, Wildlife, and Environment. As far as some TV series and the latest movies are concerned, it can cause you disappointment.

The app is widely appreciatedfor its dark theme and hosting trailers for each video. The best feature of this app helps you download movies for offline streaming.

  1. Pluto TV helps to download videos quickly and in high quality

Pluto TV can tremendously be credited to host over 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies from the leading brands such as NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Paramount, and Warner Brothers.

The whole channels of Pluto TV are enormously packed with your favouritethings like blockbuster movies from Paramount, classic toons like Inspector Gadget, and news from authentic sources like NBC News.


Not only are movies a very entertaining source to eliminate the boredom, but they are aslo a great means to introduce the latest trends of the motorbike wears. Besides, watching movies on your Smartphone by using movie streaming apps can shake off the exhaustion of a hectic day.