Best Learning Websites



Everyone’s dream is to get higher education and reach to the heights for fulfilling their wishes. But how many students are able to do so? Lots of hurdles stop them to achieve their goals like costly tuition fees, expensive books, lack of time etc. But now everyone is able to get their target because of the internet. The Internet has changed our lives drastically and also has a solution for each problem. You don’t need to expend a huge amount on costly institutes when learning websites can teach you for free. Doesn’t matter you are working as you can learn according to your convenience with these educational sites. If you are confused to find out the best one for you then you are in exact place and I will suggest you the best learning websites to educate you.

  1. Khan Academy

The first name which acquires a place in our top learning websites is Khan Academy, known for its quality education. Khan Academy Login offers you multiple subjects to learn for free and you can choose from according to your need. Sal Khan founder of the Khan Academy is concerned for your queries and if you want to enhance your technical skill then it is more applicable. You can learn on your pace with numerous video tutorials.

2.W3 School

Technology has changed every walk of life and everything is available in the online world. Also, daily uncountable websites start and web designing has become a great opportunity for youth. If you want to learn web designing online then W3 School is the best option for you. There is multiple choice available for you like HTML, PHP, SQL and much more and you can choose from them. You can take the help of uncountable tutorials and if you pay little more then you can also get the certificate of your achievements.

  1. Lynda

Let’s discuss our another learning site included in our best educational sites,Lynda.  This site is possessed by the LinkedIn and a good choice for those who are looking for the latest skills like business, creativity, and technology. There is a vast variety of courses like animation, music, business, photography and lots more. Lynda also offers you a 30-day free trial and if you want to stick with it then you have to pay $20 per month for a basic version. If you choose the premium one then you have to pay $30.

  1. Open Culture

If you want to get the quality education for free then Open Culture is the best learning site for you. This education site offers you 1300+ courses and endless audio and video lectures to amplify your knowledge. You should have proper time to scroll down the huge number of page but don’t take tension they are arranged in alphabetical order. You will be amazed to know that Open Culture provide you courses from the world-class institutes like Yale, Standford, Harvard etc.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is the well-known name in terms of educational sites. Udemy also permits you the huge variety of online content to make you knowledgeable. There are 55000+ courses and you can explore to choose from. You can also download the Udemy app to access all the data on your smartphone. One of the noticeable point is that you can’t get it for free and you have to pay a minimum $12 to start. With Udemy you can also launch your own course so guys be ready to be the part of Udemy.

Final Words

Educational websites are the best invention for those who have to leave their education due to lack of money or time. Here I have mentioned the top learning apps and you can adopt according to your need. Still, any query then comments below and please stay tuned for latest updates.