Best POS Hardware for Your Business



POS systems are designed in a variety of ways, and each piece of hardware gives specific businesses key advantages during sales situations. If you need help picking a unit that suits your businessneeds, these guides can help during the shopping process. No matter what your specific needs are, there is a type of POS system that can help you succeed.

Handheld Systems for Food Trucks

If you run a business in a food truck, you are going to want a portable POS system. This can provide great advantages as you process transactions. The big benefit is that a handheld unit runs on battery power, which means that you can be taking orders while you’re outside the truck after you find hungry prospects roaming around on the streets.

Sleek Counter Systems for Elegant Restaurants

In a fine-dining setting, the atmosphere drives sales. If people step into a classic restaurant and spot bulk cash registers near elegant tables and fancy chairs, the design scheme will clash, and this will impact the overall dining experience. The best electronic processing solutions for a fine-dining setting should be sleek and slim, which is why thin, countertop POS equipment blends well in a space that has luxurious décor. These systems have a strategically angled screen; this layout helps employees see everything clearly throughout transaction routines. Also, the housing on a countertop unit is black, gray, or white, which is beneficial as these tones work well in an upscale design scheme.

POS Units with a Base for Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants are always busy, and chaos usually happens when kids are in the building. In this type of environment, employees need tough, durable equipment that can handle wear and tear. Hefty POS equipment that’s mounted on a base is made for these conditions. The solid base design is convenient as it keeps the screen totally secured on a counter, and the elevated neck underneath the console gives employees easy access to all of the point of sale tools.

Dual Screen Options for Casual Restaurants

Casual restaurants have average sales throughout the day. When customers step up to the counter to buy food, they need options. Besides various options or choices, the most important thing that causal restaurant customers crave is convenience, and a manager can provide it by investing in a dual-screen point of sale system. This type of unit gives a customer an opportunity to place an order and complete a transaction with little assistance.

POS Tablets for Caterers

POS tablets are ideal products for caterers because the software can calculate and process bulk orders. Because POS software is basically an app, caterers can stay efficient and save money by running supporting apps. For example, whenever a caterer has to travel to a new destination, a map tool can suggest the fastest route, which can reduce gas consumption. If a caterer avoids heavy traffic, hot, fresh food will reach the customer quicker.

Understanding the Options

No matter what type of POS system you use, the software will have a specific interface. A handheld unit is designed for mobility, so all of the data will sync with standard devices. Cloud-based system and kiosks are made on brick and mortar settings.