Best Smart Home Gadgets


Smart Home systems have long become a reality in our high-tech world. Moreover, every year they are rapidly gaining popularity among consumers, which forces developers to offer interesting and cool solutions. The world is now rapidly capturing the market for smart home devices and strives to automation. At the head of this expansion is Alexa voice assistant.

What are the main trends for 2020?


It is weird to equip an apartment with smart home gadgets and with that not to worry about safety. In the 4Prototypes dot com smart security technology list, there are items that can record any penetration into your home.

With this company, you will be provided with the best security services. In addition, on there is a range of smart home accessories as well (you can get acquainted with some of them in the next part of the article).

  • Sensors and Locks

There is a number of options for this technique. With the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections to your smartphone, you can configure and control all the functions.

The time when you leave home is recorded on the device. If desired, you can provide the right of admission to the members of your family. And each time someone comes in or out of the house, you receive a notification on your phone.

The ditto is used for the sensors mounted on windows. They provide the sound when opening and closing the windows by someone.

  • CCTV Cameras

Now CCTV cameras are not only convenient but also smart. They can recognize movements, make pictures and videos, send messages to your phone and so on.

You can set up cameras as either one or some devices. Some models are equipped with face recognition. So, you will always know who is already in the house. And when “noticing” an unknown face, the device will inform this straight away.

Maintaining comfortable “weather”

  • Humidifier

These devices are just starting to become famous, but they already can measure the level of humidity in a room as well as relief the humidification intensity. You can control them from any smart device. All the settings required are set up and the device status can be monitored there.

  • Air Purifier

Air purifiers are usually tooled with various operating modes. You can also control it from a smartphone. You have a possibility to control the technical specification of the device.

  • Thermostat

Thermostats control and install the necessary room temperature. You can adjust a temperature according to your everyday routine. It can be controlled from your smartphone as well.

In general, a humidifier, purifier and thermostat can be connected to single smart control system that controls the room condition, as well as turns the devices on and off if needed. If there is a sharp jump or drop in humidity or temperature, the system will send a note to the smartphone straight away.

Smart Home Accessories

4Prototypes can offer a range of smart home accessories for smart homes. Here are some of the most commonly used options.

  • Lighting

Perhaps, lighting was one of the first things including smart functions. Here you can monitor lamps with just a lift of your hand. You can regulate the glow color and its brightness and set an appropriate time for turning on and off or reacting to motions. Also, smart lamps can independently adjust the shade of the glow depending on the time of day.

  • Kettle

Even the electronic teapots can have a controller from the phone hub. In real-time, you may see how the temperature of the water changes during the boiling process. It is also feasible to adjust the needed degree, the kettle will support for a time that was installed.

But, if you wish, you can turn on the kettle in the custom push-button and nest way as well.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

A new robot vacuum cleaner has a number of features which allow doing the cleanup without your participation at all. If you switch it on the first time round, it creates an imaginary map of all rooms, shoes the areas that are out of reach, and then go on along the route.

In the installations, you can install the required time for cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can surmount low window sills and rags. And when the battery is low, he will drive into the base to charge himself.

There are lots of other smart products that can be wearable for you. You can have a quick look for all them at 4Prototypes website.