Best Summer Vacation Spots in the United States


Planning a perfect summer vacation to the US is not an easy task.First, the country with 50 states and more than 700 destinations that you need-to-see-before-you-die make the bucket list pretty long.

Then there are so many factors one has to consider– affordability, hotel availability, weather, booking, culture, sights, food and that obvious ‘am-I-making-the-right-choice’ doubts that we all have experienced while planning a trip. But these days we have information overload as seasoned travel writers, travel bloggers, travel industry experts, fellow travellers scream from all corners of Google. You Google it and Google churns it out in millions of pages … This write-up is an endeavour to navigate you through authentic information on US destinations worth visiting.

The Keys to the ‘Melting Pot’

Passport and visa. If you are an international traveller visiting the US for the first time, you are not going anywhere without a valid passport and visa. Also, you are not going anywhere with these if the US CBP officers think your admission to the country poses threat to the security of their homeland. So before you book flight tickets, make sure your travel documentations are appropriate with accurate information.

All Visas are NOT Created Equal

For foreign nationals the US immigration laws has created different types of visas – 185 – to be precise – depending on purpose, the country you are from etc. For example, citizens from 38 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are allowed to enter the US with an ESTA and a valid passport. ESTA is a fully automated online screening system that is fast and costs $18 only. First time visitors can check online if they are eligible for an ESTA. If yes, submit ESTA details here.

If you have queries, all your ESTA information can be accessed Note: Obtaining an ESTA does not ensure your admission to the country. You still have to face CBP screening at the airport.If you are rejected an ESTA, you have to apply for a regular US visa, depending on your purpose. First time travellers to the US often feel the travel documentation work quite intimidation. They can seek professional helps from a reliable visa expedited service online.

Destinations next

Here you are spoilt for choice. The country is quite incredible with different types of landscape, culture, weather, and time zone. Here you need to prioritize your travel goals, the kind of activities you love, if you are taking you family / going solo / travelling with kids etc. Duration of the vacation is also a factor and so is the time you are visiting. If it is a peak time / off season / moderately crowded would have an impact on your budget.

If you are visiting with your family

Family vacations are great for renewing the bonds that are often neglected in busy routine life. But planning a memorable family vacation means lots of effort on the planning part where every member of the family gets equal attention. If you have kids accompanying you, we suggest checking out the time zone you are visiting and create a sleep cycle beforehand to avoid exhaustion. Choosing a destination that is acceptable to all sounds hard but not impossible. U.S News and World Report website has an authentic list of great family vacation destinations based on reader votes and expert opinions.

Beach vacation in the US

Spectacular beaches have always been popular vacation destinations in the US with an impressive 100,000 miles of coastline.If you prefer a beach vacation, Hawaii is your best bet with stunning beaches, long sun-filled days and fantastic weather. Hawaii offers some of the best beaches of the country in Kauai, Oahu, Maui. After Florida too is a popular destination for the beach lovers. Florida’s Siesta beach is one of the best beaches in the US with its finest and whitest sand.

San Diego, California is a great option for its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. The West Coast offers some poetic sunsets, opportunity to surf and a laid back atmosphere. Pismo Beach has amazing sand dunes and coves and the best news is it is still not known to many visitors. Cape Cod isalso a good choice for beach lovers. For a wealth of information on best beaches of the US, we recommend this list.

What they are talking about

Since it is impossible to tell you all about the best summer vacation spots in the US in a single article, here is a compilation of reports that will give you substantial information while planning a summer trip to the US.

According to Airbnb’s backed-by-data- report on trending destinations for 2019, Great Smoky Mountains is America’s most visited national park. Ideal for nature lovers, the Smokies boast of being a part of UNESCO’s International Biosphere Reserve.Darley Newman, the globe-trotting TV host, writer and producer of Travels with Darley and Emmy Award winning Equitrekkingon PBS and Amazon Prime has a good 48 hours to do trip here. Famous Forbes has another worth dekko here that lists must-visit places selected by renowned travel editors and travel industry experts.