Best Web Development Training Course with Certificates



Web development is the need of the hour in this era. Though with as many as hundreds of web development courses promising a job in the field there are only a few whose certification matters. Choosing a course to meet your demand for a good training and a course which can make your job prepared is a difficult decision.

So let’s get through a list of some courses that are available easily with certificates.



A non-profit organization created by Salman Khan in 2005 which provide tools to educate students. It produces short videos for students to learn easily.

Some of the best Web Dev Training courses available on Khan Academy are as follows:

– Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation

– Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Web pages

  1.  UDEMY

Udemy is an online platform for beginners to learn and enhance their skills in various fields. Udemy hosts courses by trainers which a student can enroll in for a few bucks.

One of the most popular courses on Udemy for web development: “Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career”. Till now, over 31000 students have enrolled thus expanding the community. On Udemy Q&A a student can clear their doubts very easily by asking on the forum which is both answerable by other student or the instructor themselves.

3). EDX is an online course provider. It provides university-level courses for students. In today’s world, you need a knowledge that you can depend on. Edx is doing a great job giving the right to knowledge for everyone and it’s great when it helps those who can’t afford their education anywhere else.

4).  MIT OpenCourseWare

Though MIT OpenCourseWare doesn’t give certificates it provides expert lectures on topics as the courses are affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Without even prior programming knowledge. MIT courses are freely available on the following link:


5). Udacity

Udacity, founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky aims to educate students by offering numerous different type of courses for web technology and web development.


Courses offering mobile web specialist, front-end developer which are offered by renowned companies like AT&T, Google and GitHub. Though these courses are intermediate not really advised for students who have just started learning and are still a beginner.



This website provides source materials for website development for both beginners and advanced programmers.

The courses that are offered on the website by an instructor, accompanied by the quizzes to keep you on pace.

7). Codeacademy

Though unlike the previously mentioned websites this website offers courses that are absolutely free but instead of providing video lectures it gives you a walkthrough of some example programs.

Each example will help you in the study of languages like HTML, CSS, JSP etc. And through these examples, you build an idea of the code’s structure and its semantics.

This can be your option if you want to build websites right away but it is recommended that you have some prior knowledge of basic programming as without videos it becomes difficult to understand what is going on in the code.

8). TutsPlus

If you are looking for a fast way to begin your journey in web development then tuts plus is the way to go. There is a vast library of Javascript, CSS and HTML tutorials that will get you diving in no time.

The video tutorials also come with sample programs which you can change according to yourself to see how the output changes to the changes made by you.

Apart from this site also have a premium-course which makes you specialize in a certain field. One can also take the monthly plan to get access to all the courses. Tuts plus though is not advised for an absolute beginner, but for a novice.

Final Thoughts

So that was our take on the best web development courses available on the internet that could get you started in the field of web technologies. Web technology is a vast field so taking one step at a time is mandatory and advised. So get ready to take your creativity in front of the world!! Wish you luck! Happy learning!!