Beware cat is increased risk of schizophrenia disease.


It was predicted by scientists that there is such like germs in cat which are enhanced chances of danger schizophrenia disease. Consequently to International Medical Journal schizophrenia research report experts during a survey of 2 thousand 125 families, about their hobby routines and data gathered.

Out of sight it was known that schizophrenia included 51% patients had nourished cats in their childhood. It was said by experts that the skin of some cats, Toxoplasma Gondii because the bacteria is found that could through schizophrenia. It was said by including doctor of research that it is extremely small living things in mind through breathing where it is acidic discharge.

This is where the discharge and acid affect the human nervous system and can cause schizophrenia. But scientists now schizophrenia though still much research is needed on the reasons.

It is cleared that schizophrenia is such like mental disease. The patient may not realize the truth, they heard some voices and emotional suffering is illusion.