Beware! During the coarse meal watching TV you can be hunt of fat.


We have listened out of sight our adults that during the meal we must totally concentrate in contract with meal and now it has been verified by scientists that during the meal, watch TV or mobile phones to engage effects appear in the form of obesity. According to the connected Experts of British Birmingham University Our food related memory plays an important role in our hunger.

In case we were eating their food rather than other activities such as television, computers or phones to engage their influences affect our memory so their effects are affected in contract with our memory and we cannot remember it that we have eaten meal before. The people who watch TV while they eat a significant amount in the food that causes obesity.

Fat is the worst disease which is considered the biggest disease and cause of all the major diseases so now it has been proved by scientists that we have to be careful about it. It has been proved by scientists that we must not eat during watching TV and using smart phone because it can be big cause of fat.