Bionic Leaf better than Real Leaf


World’s Most Famous Harvard University has announced to make a bionic leaf which can be helpful in eliminating hunger convert sunlight Fertilizer world.

The Leaf has a prosthetic bionic system that mimic at photosynthesis Photos heard having any real punishment. Plants take energy from the sunlight when the system is up fertilizer from the same light. In the near future it will be used to increase the yield of crops and eradication of hunger and poverty in poor countries.

Experts believe that the invention of bacteria, making sunlight, water and fertilizer in the same soil that will pave the way for the next green revolution. Biochemistry invented artificial leaf. Previously they have made such as leaf that batter work then real leaf and make possible the process of photosynthesis.

To test this leaf expert noted the amount of ammonia in the soil. Then he just experienced growers Molly bacteria, sunlight, water and fertilizer was made. Made from synthetic fertilizer leaves the weight of notebook pricing has been increased to 150 percent. In the next step, perhaps farmer in India, Pakistan and African countries will be able to develop your own rich fertilizer.


The study details will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society. I think this machine works like leaves in the garden and remove hydrogen and oxygen in sunlight. Then there is a type of bacteria “Ralstonia Eutropha” Bionic leaves that up to remove carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of hydrogen using liquid fertilizer. The team is now working to develop fertilizer nitrogen extracted from the atmosphere by using bacteria.