Bird look like eagle and owl


AMSTERDAM: Bird look like eagle and owl. There are thousands of species and forms of beasts and birds in this universe. Looking at the color of the human intellect is stunned properly but in Netherland eagle and owl like appearances strange bird has been completely surprised to the wildlife expert photographers and worried that what the name should give to it, Eagle or Owl?.

It is really amazing that it has been really difficult to know that what it should call? This bird is firstly seen by them which is dramatically different out of sight all the other birds. It looks like eagle as well as owl too.

This strange bird was seen in Netherland which face is similar to eagle and owl too. When this news came the all wildlife experts photographers reached in contract with the relevant field and everyone wanted to close the photo of this bird for the remembrance in the eye of their cameras but when they were arrived there so the bird was vanished.

All the Expert Photographers were gone out in the streets and town to find this bird and soon this bird was seen by them in a roof.

In the chain of these photographers a photographer namely Chris Meuse was also comprehended who was trying to capture photo of this bird when it was flying that suddenly the bird came out and was flying then sat on the head of another photographer who was standing beside of Chris Meuse and the photographers took full of benefits from this surprising occasion and capture the photo of this strange bird in the eye of his camera skillfully and effectively.

Because it is reality that photographers are loved to nature and such like scenes so they never miss alike opportunities and rapidly capture such like photos and Chris did it so when the photo of this strange bird was published in contract with websites and social media that was captured by 59 years old photographer who is expert in his work Chris Meuse so thousands of people were enjoyed by the face of this bird and also enjoyed the sitting style of this bird on the head of photographer.

It was said by the Chris Meuse that it was a Fascinating bird and it was sat on the head of photographer for few moments, it was shaking its wings continuously and then flew towards the forest.

It was further added by the Chris Meuse that several people were thought hereinafter looking the photo that this is the art of Photoshop out of sight which the bird was sat on the head of the man but this is surely a real photo.

This bird is known as “Eurasian eagle” and its weight is approximately 3 KG (Kilo Grams) while foot of it was 2.3 inches in length. In the recent months these birds were attacked on humans on many different occasions.

It was attacked on humans 50 times in which several people were injured however very first time this bird was seen in the eye of camera while before it this bird was not at all seen.

This bird is really amazing but the most amazing thing is this that experts photographers for the very first time has captured image of it along with a photographer.