Blood tests to paper toy machine


Stanford university experts made paper wheel of the rotating wheels pulling thread Which cost Rs 15 and it can reveal hidden bacteria in the blood in 90 seconds

This is called ‘paperfuge’ original works of centrifuges machines. The cost of these machines to separate blood components is from 2 to Rs 10 lakh. The blood sample to separate them from the machines takes blood fractions which are quickly rotated. At the pathogens present in blood diseases separately on the same principle can be seen even in patients whose disease.

The ‘paperfuge’ work on the same principle which seems to be a toy for the first time. It may be the invention of the poor that can identify malaria and HIV in blood samples in just 90 seconds. The invention is made of extremely poor areas without electricity. The opening of the third round cord blood thinner capillary tubes filled and then join the disc is rotated further drag thread spun round quickly

Even Rotation is the final speed. Thus only takes half minutes to separate blood into primary particles. Overall paperfuge takes around a minute 125000.

Stanford university students do, according to human-powered light is the fastest spin simple machine. Malaria expensive centrifuges machines in the world, HIV, TB and sleeping sickness are test. The germs of the disease would spin it and make it easier to identify them. But these machines not undeveloped countries because these are very expensive. So far, they say Phoenix is running with some. According to parkash, One billion of the world’s deprived electric light, clean drinking water and paved roads. But the machine is designed to identify malaria. Finally, several designs were developed to make the car became the fastest spin the disc which consumes around one. Become red blood cells are separated by only 15 minute spin in the laboratory While malaria Plasmodium is recognized for being away from the rest of the blood in two minutes from half