Britain’s 25 richest people on the list while the Queen is not included.


LONDON: The Britain’s 25 richest people list has been introduced. One of the country’s overall wealth of families worth 547 billion pounds in the UK while Queen of British is not included in that list.

The wealth of the richest individuals in Britain has doubled in the last decade. According to Sunday Times in these people a resident of London who was born in Ukraine Len Blatnik is also included whose worth is 13.17 billion pounds. He is the British most richest person. 57 years old Blavatnik Kosowitz called Friend of union and American citizen.

The second most richest person of British are Britain Sri and Gopi Hinduja whose wealth is 13 billion pound both brothers are in like manner wealthy that 15 million pounds were spend in a wedding of a daughter of them British.

The third wealthiest people of British are Gillion and George Weston who are owner of 11 billion pounds and the surprising thing is this that Queen Britain is not also in the list of 300 wealthiest people.