British 8-years old girl has been told treatment of insidious disease like cancer.


SCIENTISTS: The use of Anti-Box is not at all only cheap treatment of cancer, while it is not effect on the health of the patients.

LONDON: In the British 8–years old girl was told the treatment of insidious cancer when she was talking to her scientist father.

Sometimes nature is appeared such incidents, which is proven enormous surprised for the human mental; cancer is an insidious disease which treatment is almost impossible. But residential of Manchester, 8-years old girl was told the possible treatment of cancer to her father who is a scientist, Professor Lisanti and his wife both are the scientists in a Manchester, University and a part of the team, who is being researched on cancer, Her father asked to his 8-years old girl on the dinning table that which easy method will you use for the treatment of cancer, after the raising question she waited and then replied that I will use Anti-Box.

The father of the girls was not satisfied hence the answer, while he did some tests in lab to investigate her research, after looking the results her father was immense surprised that anti-Box has started to reduce the cells of cancer, it was appeared by the research that some Anti-Box are proved helpful to finish the cells of the cancer, while it is also helped to stop those cells who is forge by this disease.

It was voiced by the father of a girl that the use of Anti-Box is not only the cheap treatment of cancer, rather is nay effect on the health too, this treatment was told by the his daughter, he is proud on her.