By the orator of Zakir naik’s IRF (Islamic Research Foundation), a well-known 23-year old, bollywood director was enlightened to Islam who was a Muslim just namely.


She was really spendthrift, spend her precious time more in expensive malls, it was comprehended passionately, wearing precious brands accessories, used expensive make up, and glorious outfits. Consequently Dubai was the most superior destination for the shopping until 2012.

She was born in Mumbai, to the India’s film industry house, Murcyleen Peerzaada was worked as an assistant director inside of “Ek Tha Tiger” almost she was in college for the last year, Feroz Peerzaada her father a wealthy businessman within Kashmir, who had known Yash Chopra in last three decades, She was introduced with the famous film director with a aim at the silver screen is made big, but her life was changed dramatically suddenly.

She is still being lived in Mumbai, her expensive outfits, makeup, and branded accessory have been donated to the orphanages she is being now lead a modest and simplest life. She was gotten this dramatic change when the romantic movies director of the film death was occurred.

She voiced that she was really nearest to Yash Chopra, She has been really shocked by his death and started to realize out of sight life and the most power who is controlled each and every thing. She has become the embody of deep depression for the several months, she was not dexterous to do anything.

When I was seaarching my answer on internet, I visited the superior Islamic speakers vedios in like manner Yasmin Moghed and Noman Ali, She narrated.

She realized that when she listened Khan for the first time, he was talking to her only’. She was a Muslim just by name, but she does not have any kind of deed, and she was not in practice, But she was awakened by the Khan and Mogahed, She prayed twice a day, and prayed to Almighty that indicate her a right path and guide her.

She further voiced that my motive was to be an actress , when she was 19 years old she was the part of Yash Raj’s film, but I am now an Islamic orator together with Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation, she conducted women peace conference recently.

She expressed her feeling that I am proud to be a valuable part of IRF and to reject myself hence bollywood, I am changed by some valuable source, we have to realize that something is more better than our obstacles inside of us.