Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Pair declared the richest pair of Hollywood.


LOS ANGELES: Hollywood pair of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift has been the richest pair of Hollywood industry. The total amount of their assets is 146 million dollars.

Earlier Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z were considered the richest couple however Taylor 110.5 million compared to their assets and 35.5 million more than a pair of Calvin. As a result of American Journal For biz Marinade Lambert and Blake Shelton is the third richest pair whose collective wealth is more than 57 million dollars.

Suddenly wealth of Taylor Swift was increased rapidly last year because of the release of her 1989 album. 12 million and 87 thousand copies of this album were sold in first week. After 2002 had a first chance any album’s enormous copies were sold.

It is remembered that pair of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift was declared the most richest pair of the Hollywood Industry and more credit goes to Taylor Swift because her album’s immense copies were sold speedily.