Can a woman make better boss than a man ?


Women still have to prove that they can lead the team no worse than men. The opponents of female bosses consider them too emotional and unpredictable. And yet the female ability to switch and the desire for an ideal result are undeniable.

Statistics disappoints

The HeadHunter research center conducted a survey of 3,659 people (58% of women and 41% of men), and found a depressing fact: 64% of men would never agree to work under the guidance of a woman. And the respondents are people with a degree, successfully making their career. 34% of respondents prefer women in the leading position in such fields as finance and accounting. Only 8% believe that women can be leaders in the field of medicine and pharmacy, and 7% do not see anything shameful for women to head hotels and travel companies. Can you imagine one of those girls on to be your boss? I bet it sounds sexy, not to mention that it is pretty real.

So, let’s see what “indicators” make women better bosses than men.


Women are able to do several things simultaneously: prepare dinner and help the kid to do homework, keep in mind the list of necessary purchases and estimate the theses of tomorrow’s morning speech, etc. Our mind works like a diary, where all events and operations have their place and date, including household and working duties.

Men mistakenly believe that this diversity prevents a woman from concentrating on work and being an effective leader. Naive! It is difficult for them to control several activities simultaneously. We easily switch from one task to another.


Our perfectionism is directly connected with scrupulousness, responsibility and efficiency. A woman will never leave an unfinished business, while many male managers slip away from work early easily just to make it on a party or a match of their favorite football team.

Stress resistance

Surviving the birth of a child and returning to normal life as if nothing has happened requires special psychic abilities, such as the ability to resist the most severe stress. Well, nature took care of this. As a result, women are much more tolerant to psychological stress and pressure. When suffering a fiasco, we do not save the day by the means of alcohol and do not break bad.


Again women adapt more easily to changing conditions. This is a great quality, indicating the flexibility of thinking. We are always able, after assessing the situation, to understand whether it is necessary to continue insisting on something, or it is more reasonable to check other opinions. Men believe that such an adaptation prevents a woman from being a good leader.


Men often accuse us of cunning and guile. It is difficult to object to anything, except for one thing: in fact, we are not cunning and guile, but diplomatic. Centuries of inequality and oppression forced us to master the diplomacy of relations brilliantly – otherwise we simply would not have survived in this male world. And so we are able to achieve what we want gradually. Therefore, the team is also led gently and flexibly.


Nature has formed the ability and desire to sacrifice our own interests for the sake of the child. Sleep deprivation is only one of the examples. The devotion makes a woman be stricter with her subordinates and more demanding of them. She shows an example of how to work, and this is what colleagues value about her. And yet: we are less ambitious – the success of the matter is more important for us than self-assertion.


Yes, we are emotional. We can burst into tears when we hear criticism. But we know that emotionality is directly related to empathy – the ability to empathize – and intuition. Due to increased emotionality, we evaluate events not only with our cool minds, but also with our intuition, and feel the best solutions and decisions. This is a great quality for a leader. Besides, we are more responsive and inclined to help people in difficult times.