Cancer diagnosed chewing gum invented


A US biotechnology company has invented a Bubble Gum diagnosing cancer which will eliminate the need for lengthy, complicated and expensive tests for this purpose in the future

Alabama’s biotechnology startup company has developed substances that are similar to Bubble Gum and help them to be currently diagnosed with pancreatic, lung and breast cancer.

This diagnostic Bubble Gum is removed from the mouth after chewing for fifteen minutes and delivered to the laboratory where they run a chemical test to detect the presence of such substances in or absence of which can cause cancer.

The company’s chairwoman said that now have to be more on the diagnostic Bubble Gum and in the next few years it has been approved by the FDA, he is not far the cancer diagnosis of traumatic bypass mutual TO there is no need for a blood and urine test that takes a lot of time on the other hand, if the diagnosis of a very expensive and complicated.