Cases are being registered against the PK day by day.


On Friday, in Jaipur India’s Police Station, a case was retained out of sight the PK’s director,
producer and actor and protests are being held all over India. Consequently to the narration hence media of India, to moderate and vicious acts to away religious feelings – a case under section 295A and analyze discrimination between language, residence, race, place of birth, group and religious grounds, the complain was registered by Basant Gehlot. The matter is being been seeking.

By the Hindu outfits they were invited by the Aamir khan’s film PK to protest and irritate reaction. The demand has been raised to ban on this movie and screening too, the sentiments of religiously is being hurt.

Further it was voiced by some people too that some scenes hence the movie should cut down which is being proved hurtful acts to criticize any religion.

Here are some dialogues and scenes which are truly not at all granted.

1. The Indian girl namely Juggo was fall in love with a Pakistani boy namely Sarfaraz, and Sarfaraz is proved so noble, pious, kindhearted, loyal as a Muslim.

2. The lord duplicate shiv was insulted a lot by Aamir khan in the movie. He was closed in the toilet and requested to pity on him.

3. The dialogue “Jo darta hai wohi mandir jata hai” is expounded very much worst act out of
sight the Hindu religious.

4. One pot of milk to fall on shiv in case give it to poors so their hunger will be finished.

5. You say that you will save bhagvan, you must finish to secure your bhaagvan otherwise in
this planet nay human only shoe is remained.

Finally it was emphasized by the actor Aamir Khan that we respect to all religious and community, the film’s producer is Hindu and 99 crew members of it also Hindu but no one raised any question or criticized on it. In case there is any criticizing scene then Hirani does not do that scene.

People of India become more furious infra the emphasized of his narration.