Causing more food lure to the dragon’s death.


In case dragon find any hunt and it is hungry so without caring if they know their victims make food takes one stroke but sometimes it is expensive to do so Africa is where it happened then the python swallowed a three- meet but he could not digest the and a few days later lost its life.

According to Media report South African rock python was found dead in a park while its stomach was swollen and while its post mortem was done so it was predicted that the dragon swallowed the tough bear was 12 feet wide which was eaten by it but could not digest it.

It was said by Doctor of animals after post mortem that take three thorns on the body of the snake digestive system badly affected which was caused of its death. The dragon in the park administration first saw 2 weeks ago after which a crowd was stood around it and people was surprised to look it.

However this condition cannot confirm anything. Dr. Jennifer says pythons digestive disorder or the cause of death may be stress. It was said by scientists that the dragon commonly swallow the deer and Several days to digest it and sometimes takes several weeks.