Chartered Accountant slaughtered his 14 family members


THANE: A man in India committed suicide after slaughtering his 14 family members

As per report of Indian Newspaper ‘The Hindu’, in the District ‘Thane’ Indian State of ‘Maharashtra’, a person killed his 14 family members then hung himself to death.

The 35-years-old ‘Hansil Anwar Warekar’ was a Chartered Accountant. Hansil was working as a consultant in a private tax company in Mumbai.

As per report of the ‘Hindustan Times’, in the victims, his wife and 8 children, his parents and three sisters were included. A woman badly injured in the massacre has taken to the hospital. Subia Bharmar identified as killer’s sister. She is in critical condition because of knife’s wounds.

As per report of the ‘Times of India’, according to ‘Ashutosh Dumbr’, Joint Commissioner of Thane police, Police found a hanging body from the house. A knife found in the hands of the dead body.

Accused slaughtered his 14 family members. The accused family was suffering from the financial distress. That’s why further Causes of death are under investigation, further said by Joint Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbr.

The accused invited his brother-in-law for dinner on Saturday night. Hansil has four sisters. He invited all of them so they came with their children to accused house.

According to the Police Commissioner of District Thane ‘Prem Veer Singh’, as per preliminary investigation, there is a family dispute behind this accident. But the real reason will be known only after the complete investigation.

According to the Police, as per statement of witnesses, the dinner was going on late night at Hansil’s home. But after 1.00 am at night, the shout was noticed, after which suddenly became silent.

This is really a mournful incident that a Chartered Accountant slaughtered his 14 family members.