Cheap “E-Reader” for blinds


MICHIGAN: The Experts of America have developed an E-Reader for those who are completely blind or suffering from vision impairment. It helps such people in reading books and documents. It works through a Braille system.

This Braille system was developed by the American Experts in which words emerge in Braille dots. The visually impaired can easily feel with their fingers and read them. Pages can be immediately refreshed on Braille Reader.

In the decade of 1800, Louis Braille devised the Braille system. On which, the visually impaired people can read by touching the raised dots and lines which are connected together and make lines. Earlier to it, several displays were prepared for blinds but just single or few lines appeared in it and the process of learning was very slow but through E-Reader, complete page is appeared on a single place and it becomes very easy and comfortable in reading.

Every blind can read it with ease. While the earlier developed displays were very expensive also.The new E-Reader is expected to be less expensive.

Scientists who first built the system, based on air or liquid tablet screen reader could raise the Braille characters. This system will be tested in the next nine months. After which, the facility of reading graphs, sketches spreadsheets will also be given for the blinds in the future. Next challenge is the price of this reader which should be as low as possible and affordable so that every needy person can get it easily.