Children are asking mental health advice on internet.


ENGLAND: Children are being turned towards internet for asking mental health advice on place of consulting to their school nurse or GP. It had been claimed.

It was said by the Commissioner of children for England Anne Longfield that Children are not had confidence to see a doctor for mental health issues.

It was proved by a small survey of youngsters that 62% of children are searched on internet in connecting their mental issues such like depression because of their lack confidence.

In schools it was being promted huge use of counselors in schools stated by the Government. It was further added by Ms Longfield in regarding of desperate that “It is know by each and every children that in case they have stomach ache, head ach or any kind of injury so they are visited to a doctor or school nurse” unluckily they do not have confidence when they are come to mental health.

It is the state of affairs concerns desperate when they prefer to wander around the internet and also asked friends of their same age for initial age.

It was further added by her that it is in my knowledge that here are also some good websites but it all depends on the luck of children how are they found them.

It must know that according to research and facts the material which is existed on internet all are never authentic.